What NOT To Do On Social Media

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  • Posted On: 02-11-2018 04:39:17 PM

Misguide Your Audience

In order to fasten your pace to get to a larger target audience or create a better brand image, you will be tempted to lie or create a fake persona for your brand on social media. Push this idea out as soon it comes it comes to your mind! Because over time, your business would be running on the trust of your customers. Lying to them would not only break their trust, but also, you’ll lose loyal customers and hurt the image of your brand.

Being Vulgar or Offensive
If there somebody that everyone hates, then that is definitely a naive person, who’ll say anything that comes to his/her mind without being aware of their social surroundings. Don’t. Be. That. Person. It is one of the biggest turn offs on social media sites, especially when it comes to business circles. Make sure the person who is in charge of your social media handle for your business is trained or made well aware of what can, and cannot be posted. Because one sexist, racist, homophobic or any other insensitive comment, and you’ll see your brand reputation going down the hill.

Name one person who’d like to receive same message over and over again, and I’ll give you a cookie. But then, instead of getting cookies, all you’ll ever get is your business blacklisted and a very bitter relationship with your customers if you choose to spam. So, rather than overloading your customers with ads, direct messages or continuously tagging them; focus on creating interesting content and attractive ad campaigns so that you don’t have to beg for their attention.

Being Oblivious To Negative Comments Or Reviews
I know it can be hard, but it is important to be aware of what’s being written in the reviews so that you can spot a negative comment and respond to it. No matter how harsh the comments are, don’t delete or ignore them. Where ignoring a review would be perceived as insensitivity, deleting them would make your business seem shady. Keep calm and respond to them politely. :) If you want to know more on “how to deal with negative social media comments ?”, then click here!

Neglecting Your Social Media Sites
You started your business, made some very active social media profiles, and after a period of time, when you had established a stable online presence for yourself, you started stagnating. Sounds familiar? Well, it shouldn’t. Because when you take a break from social media, your customers tend to take a permanent break from your brand. Make a schedule to post and update your regularly, even with informal information incase you are running out of content. But do post! We all plan to build our brand over social media in our own ways, and most of us do our best to create a thriving online presence for our business. But it’s important to keep in mind that social media is more about sociology and psychology than just technology.

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