Beware of these 10 myths

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Beware of these 10 myths about Search Engines

The constantly evolving SEOs bring about many rumours and myths with it. For any beginner, this might lead to confusion and may cause hindrance in giving an efficient performance. Our firm is here to help you clear your misconceptions about the same.

1. The Tragic Death of SEO SEO is a regularly changing tactic. But everytime there is a major shift in the pattern of SEO, some “smart” people make the assumption that SEO is dead. RiP. But the truth is, search growth and traffic is still growing for most of the industries, and it’s clearly not going away anytime soon.

2. The Silent Hatred between Google and SEO Ah well! Who doesn’t like some gossip? Especially when it’s about the Google and SEO community. Unlike what’s been said, the relationship between them is much more subtle. When Google launched Hummingbird, Google’s new search engine, it was predicted that there would be a major impact on the search results in SEO. But not even the slightest change in the results occurred when Hummingbird actually rolled out.

3. Meta Tags Don’t Matter Reality check! The meta tags and title are actually crucial for the quality of SEO. Also, the meta tags are an important tool for controlling crawler access. And without them, the traffic drive to your website would gradually decrease.

4. Over Feeding Your Content with Keywords Two minutes of silence for those who think that creating content like: “ Aisha’s dental clinic is the leading dental clinic for all your dental needs. Contact Aisha’s dental clinic for the best dental care you can avail,” will have digital traffic rushing up on their website, because it will not. Prefer using keywords intelligently because the value from an extra 10 keywords on the page is far less than earning one good editorial link.

5. SEO Is a One and Done Deal A big sigh! It disheartens me to see search traffic decrease over time, but this mainly happens when we stop making efforts. Link rot, outdated content and evolving algorithms are some of the reasons why you need to monitor your SEO for continuously rising traffic.

6. Your Social Activity is the Sole Key to SEO Even though there is a high correlation between SEO rankings and social activity, Google does not use Facebook shares or Twitter Followers to determine search rankings directly. Social activity mainly affects the visibility, not the SEO.

7. Quantity of Links is More Important Than Quality I still don’t get why people always underestimate the power of quality? Building a large quantity of links to increase your search rankings would actually backfire on you, because Google would view this as “link spam.” Therefore, its prefered to have quality links over a large quantity of unnecessary links.

8. The Myth of PageRank Well, even though PageRank allowed Google to create more advanced algorithms to the point where they could build the world’s best search engine, PageRank is still a bad myth. Why? Because PageRank doesn’t correlate well with the search engine rankings. And to top that, it is easy to manipulate.

9. Exact Match Domains Take You Higher All was well and good for some time while buying exact match domains, until some clowns started buying them just for serving ads. Ugh. So now, your domain name isn’t the only way you will get a higher ranking, you would have to complete other criterias too.

10. Google Uses AI in its Algorithms Yes, I agree, Google does use AI to train algorithms, but it doesn’t use AI in terms of it’s live algorithm and that’s mainly because AI runs on a self-learning model. Letting AI take over it’s algorithms without any supervision can be really dangerous for Google’s revenue which comes from ads.

We hope busting these myths for you helped getting a better understanding on how SEO does, and does not work. Good luck for your website.

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